Sunday, October 23, 2011

I've been Away and I'll be Away

Hello my followers, I am so sorry that I have been disappeared. Many things has been going on from my last post. I had to rush back to my country, because my father had hospitalized. Then he passed away unexpectedly. I have been stuck in my country, Myanmar with my mom, my sister and my dad's business. Everything has different from then. I came back to Thailand 3 weeks ago to see my husband, then I will be going back to Yangon, Myanmar again in few days to help managing my dad's business with my mom and sister. I will come back to Bangkok in 2 months time.

I have been wanted to post new blog post whenever I try to cook new meals and stuffs. But I have really been busy with my family and all. I am so sorry for not keeping in touch with you guys through this blog. And worst of all, I could not access blogger from my country, it is banned over there. It sucks.

I apologize you all that I will be away for awhile again. I will come back after things has been settled and when I can access. Thank you so much for all you guys wishes and love. I will post all those meals posts as soon as I can.

Thanks so much again and always appreciate your following me on blogger.


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